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DB Kameron Sallis wraps up visit to Kansas State

Kameron Sallis
Kameron Sallis

While there were a handful of official visitors in Manhattan over the weekend, there was one unofficial visitor in Kennedale, Texas defensive back Kameron Sallis. And he was extended a scholarship by the Wildcats not long ago.

"The visit was wonderful," Sallis said. "I was left speechless."

It was his first time on the campus of Kansas State. And because of that, interacting the staff was an integral part of the trip. He could converse with them in person and that was a strong takeaway for him.

"My favorite part was meeting the coaches," Sallis pointed out. "And having deep conversation with them about the future."

Those conversations included meetings with head coach Chris Klieman, cornerbacks coach Van Malone and defensive coordinator Joe Klanderman. And he divulged what the dialogue entailed.

"We talked about whats after football," Sallis responded. "And how I'm going to fit in the defense."

"It also felt good to have a conversation with the main guy (Chris Klieman)," he added. "It made me feel like they were really interested."

The meetings with the K-State head coach and assistant coaches were productive for the Texas native. It also conveyed to him exactly what role he would have for the Wildcats, which introduced him to the idea of playing a different spot.

"I thought, because Malone was the main one recruiting me, it was going to be corner," Sallis explained. "But they expressed that they think I’ll be perfect in the free safety position."

During the positional meeting, they also watched film, and they zeroed in on one player in particular.

"They really didn’t compare me to anyone but we were looking at Reggie Stubblefield because he was in the position," he revealed. "Their scheme puts the safeties in position to make a lot of plays."

Sallis also had the opportunity to pick the brains of those already on the team, which was a valuable tool for him.

"I talked to some of the recent transfers that were there working," he shared. "We talked about what made them come to K-State and how the coaching staff works. They mostly were saying that they coaches were players' coaches and wanted the best for them outside of football."

Sallis will likely be taking an official visit to Kansas State in September but next on the docket is a trip to Tulane on June 25. As he shared a week ago, Sallis originally had three potential commitment dates in mind, but he has trimmed it down to two.

"I've narrowed down to two commitment dates," he confirmed. "July 8 and August 1."