GoPowercat Podcast 3/11/14

Season 3 of the GoPowercat Podcast is back in style thanks to the help from our new sponsor, Fridge Wholesale Liquor!
You may say this episode of the GoPowercat Podcast is too long, but we prefer the term "extensively detailed". 
From two separate segments talking about basketball's loss at Oklahoma State, as well as previewing the upcoming Tournaments, to a third part discussing football and the many possibilities at the Vanier Complex.
And don't forget about our After Hours, where our hosts discuss the strangest places they've ever fallen asleep.
Season 3 : Episode 28 - FULL EPISODE
(Begins at - Ends at)
Episode 28: PART I - Baylor recap & Big 12 Tournament
(00:00 - 35:04)
Episode 28: PART II - Big 12/NCAA Tournament & Deb Patterson firing
(35:05 - 1:06:00)
Episode 28: PART III - Football recruiting & additional football topics
(1:06:01 - 1:47:47)
Episode 28: PART IV - After Hours
(1:47:48 - 2:24:17)
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