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The KSO Fantasy Spring Game


Let's make the Spring Game fun, shall we?

Derek Young and Matt Hall will each draft teams from the Kansas State roster for a hypothetical Purple-White game that would almost certainly sell out Bill Snyder Family Stadium. Right?

OK, maybe not, but it's still a fun idea.

We asked (not really) Coach Snyder if this was OK. His (likely) reply? "Totes."
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The Rules: This will be played like a “regular” football game, eliminating a few things about the Spring Game that are smart, but well, boring. This means:

1. You can hit the quarterback/quarterback isn’t down as soon as he’s touched in the run game.

2. You can return punts.

3. You can blitz/do whatever the heck you want schematically.

4. Players can play out of position, if it's agreed it's "reasonable."

As for a few other key notes:

A. Everybody on the roster is magically healthy.

B. You have to draft a head coach, offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator (Bill Snyder is not available for selection).

C. We will draft 11 starters on offense and 11 on defense. Play whatever legal formation you like.

D. You cannot take both Alex Delton and Skylar Thompson and ruin the other team’s hopes and dreams.

E. You must draft a kicker, punter and identify a member of your "regular" roster as your return specialist.

We will alternate picks until we've drafted a total of 27 Wildcats: 11 offensive starters, 11 defensive starters, a kicker, a punter, a head coach, offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator.

Members of The Foundation will vote on which team would win.

Both drafter’s will be allowed 200 words – or less – to explain why their group will win.

Derek Young, due to his advantage in youth, will pick first.


Congratulations to Dalton Risner, the first overall pick of the KSO Fantasy Draft. Don't act so surprised.
Grant Flanders/KSO

DY1: Dalton Risner - OL

MH1: Duke Shelley - DB

DY2: Elijah Sullivan - LB

MH2: Scott Frantz - OL

DY3: Da'Quan Patton - LB

MH3: Kendall Adams - DB

DY4: Denzel Goolsby - DB

MH4: Trey Dishon - DT

DY5: Abdul Beecham - OL

MH5: A.J. Parker - DB

DY6: Eli Walker - DB

MH6: Skylar Thompson - QB

DY7: Dalton Schoen - WR

MH7: Isaiah Zuber - WR

DY8: Walter Neil - DB

MH8: Alex Barnes - RB

DY9: Sam Sizelove - LB

MH9: Mike McCoy - RB

DY10: Kyle Ball - DE

MH10: Adam Holtorf - OL

DY11: Nick Kaltmayer - OL

MH11: Tyler Mitchell - OL

DY12: Collin Klein - OC

MH12: Josh Rivas - OL

DY13: Drew Wiley - DL

MH13: Joe Davies - DL

DY14: Ben Adler - OL

MH14: Kevion McGee - DB

DY15: Wyatt Hubert - DE

MH15: Andre Coleman - HC

DY16: Blake Seiler - HC

MH16: Brian Norwood - DC

DY17: Bill Kuduk - OL

MH17: Isaiah Harris - WR

DY18: Chabastin Taylor - WR

MH18: Darreyl Patterson - DB

DY19: Landry Weber - WR

MH19: Dalvin Warmack - WR

DY20: Nick McClellan - PK

MH20: Reggie Walker - DL

DY21: Chase Johnston - DL/LB

MH21: Boom Massie - DL

DY22: Bernardo Rodriguez - P

MH22: Aiden Mills - OL

DY23: Jordan Noil - DB

MH23: Daniel Green - LB

DY24: Nick Lenners - TE

MH24: Eric Gallon - LB

DY25: Alex Delton - QB

MH25: Charlie Dickey - OC

DY26: Justin Silmon - RB

MH26: Blake Lynch - PK

DY27: Taylor Braet - DC

MH27: Devin Antcil - P

See, Alex, you should have gone much higher - but strategy made you the best value pick in this draft.
Grant Flanders/KSO



QB - Alex Delton

RB - Justin Silmon

WR - Dalton Schoen

WR - Chabastin Taylor

WR - Landry Weber

TE - Nick Lenners

LT - Nick Kaltmayer

LG - Abdul Beecham

C - Dalton Risner

RG - Ben Adler

RT - Bill Kuduk


DE - Kyle Ball

DE - Wyatt Hubert

DT - Drew Wiley

DE/LB - Chase Johnston

LB - Elijah Sullivan

LB - Da'Quan Patton

LB - Sam Sizelove

CB - Walter Neil

CB - Jordan Noil

S - Denzel Goolsby

S - Eli Walker


PK - Nick McLellan

P - Bernardo Rodriguez

RET - Walter Neil


HC - Blake Seiler

OC - Collin Klein

DC - Taylor Braet


Matt Hall is counting on the likes of Tyler Mitchell and Skylar Thompson to lead his offense. Stop holding, Tyler.
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QB - Skylar Thompson

RB - Alex Barnes

RB - Mike McCoy

WR - Isaiah Zuber

WR - Isaiah Harris

WR - Dalvin Warmack

LT - Scott Frantz

LG - Josh Rivas

C- Adam Holtorf

RG - Tyler Mitchell

RT - Aiden Mills


DE - Reggie Walker

DT - Trey Dishon

DT - Joe Davies

DE - Boom Massie

LB - Daniel Green

LB - Eric Gallon

CB - Duke Shelley

CB - A.J. Parker

NB - Kevion McGee

S - Kendall Adams

S - Darreyl Patterson


PK - Blake Lynch

P - Devin Antcil

RET - Dalvin Warmack


HC - Andre Coleman

OC - Charlie Dickey

DC - Brian Norwood


Offensively, we have two reliable weapons at wide receiver with probably the best hands on the team, along with the biggest target on the team at the position that also probably possesses the most potential for the big play.

Not only that, we have the two best offensive linemen on the team in my estimation with Risner and Beecham, while also having Kaltmayer and Kuduk at tackles, allowing an interior blocking advantage suited for Delton's abilities. Silmon took advantage of nearly every carry he had a year ago and turned it into significant yardage.

Defensively, I believe we may have the two best pass-rushers on the team, which would be a plus against a true freshman right tackle. They'd have to have a quick-passing attack or just run the ball, and be totally one-dimensional out of the gate without the most mobile quarterback on the roster. We might be lacking at cornerback, but our pass rush against two freshmen linemen should mitigate that weakness.

Our special teams will be elite with Braet on the staff. He's listed as the defensive coordinator but will be the guy that fires us up. Seiler is head coach and can handle all defensive duties. Collin Klein is an offensive genius. Winning.


Look, it's simple. I wanted to have an offense that's capable of attacking any part of DY's defense, and I think Skylar Thompson gives me the best chance to do that.

Plus, he loves Skylar, so it's a win-win for me.

I loaded up in the secondary in hopes of making it difficult for him to find guys to cover Zuber, Harris & Warmack. LOOK AT HIS SECONDARY!!! Then I took a couple of bruisers at tailback in McCoy and Barnes to force him to stay honest while also having the size to help max protect if needed. Plus, I have three of the five returning starters on the offensive line and am also super high on Josh Rivas.

Defensively, who needs linebackers, right?!? Going to not worry as much about them in my base 4-2-5, and I think having Dishon, Shelley and Adams gives me arguably the three best players on that side of the ball anyway. Reggie Walker is ready to bounce back, too. Norwood is going to man up on his receivers with Shelley and Parker and send the house regularly.

Have tons of options in the return game, but I'll settle on Warmack.

Feel great about Andre Coleman's discipline and structure as a head coach, Brian Norwood being the guy my players to go to when they need support and Charlie Dickey ensuring my offensive line is the best one on the field in this game.