The Wabash CannonBlog 8.28.08

Wanna know what true Love is? It's a Keithen Valentine. No, we haven't gone sappy, but it is a hint of what lies inside the return of the Wabash CannonBlog. Now in the more-than-capable hands of GoPowercat assistant editor D. Scott Fritchen, the CannonBlog has made a triumphant return to GPC. Don't believe us? Well, if you're a GPC subscriber, you're going to like what you see from The Conductor.
The Wabash CannonBlog is a subscribers-only collection of scoop, insight and information that will now return to being a weekly feature on Thursdays at GPC. In his information-packed edition, you will learn about a season-ending injury, what you can expect from one of the new junior college receivers and what The Conductor remembers the most about the four new inductees into the Ring of Fame.
Yes, the CannonBlog is back so if you're a member of GoPowercat, go check out the The Wabash CannonBlog 8.28.08.