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Wildcat alumni asking fans for TBT help

Martavious Irving, D.J. Johnson and Thomas Gipson are asking for Kansas State fans help. (Grant Flanders/K-StateOnline)

Kansas State alumni Martavious Irving, D.J. Johnson and Thomas Gipson need your help.

So do Justin Edwards, Marcus Foster, Curtis Kelly, Akeem Wright and Jevon Thomas.

Especially, Jevon Thomas.

Okay, what exactly am I talking about in such a dramatic manner?

The Basketball Tournament (TBT), of course, an ever-growing annual event featuring alumni teams going up against one another, this year to split a prize of $2 million.

It's also an event that works awfully hard at fan engagement, to the point where fans are needed to help Team Purple & Black - the K-State alumni team - fill out their roster.

The squad cannot add Thomas to its roster without reaching 1,000 supporters, and they're asking for your help, literally, to get there.

You can go HERE to become a supporter of Team Purple & Black.

You can also go watch the former Wildcats play July 25-28 in the Wichita Regional, a setting that could eventually see a match-up between Team Purple & Black and the After Shocks (Wichita State) in the Regional Final.