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Amaad Wainright leaving Kansas State

Amaad Wainright has his release and will leave K-State.
USA Today

Amaad Wainright is leaving Kansas State. He was a junior this past season and still had a season of eligibility left in Manhattan. He averaged three points and two rebounds per game.

A resident from Kansas City, Wainright was recently charged with two felonies after a warrant for his arrest was issued by U.S. Marshal Services. He was arrested soon after but has since been released on bail.

K-State athletic director Gene Taylor stated in an interview at the program's awards banquet that Wainright was suspended indefinitely until more information could be gathered and an adequate conclusion reached on the matter.

Wainright posted the following on Twitter on Friday:

“I just want to say thank you to all my K-State family who supported me through this process, and all my family and friends back in (Kansas City). I appreciate it all. I have my release and looking to continue my basketball career elsewhere. Thank you.”