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Getting to Know... Shane Cherry


KSO is going to help you get to know all of the members of the 2018 Kansas State recruiting class who were not present for spring football.

We continue this series with greyshirt offensive lineman Shane Cherry.

1. When do you plan to get to Manhattan?

I’m going to be in Manhattan June 4 for summer training. During fall, since I’m greyshirting, I’ll come back to my Grandview until the spring semester. In the spring I’ll be up there full time.

2. What’s your height and weight right this moment?

I’m 6-foot-6, 303 pounds.

3. What fellow recruits/current players are you talking most with?

I talk to Cartez (Crook-Jones) the most because we go to the same school and we’ve been basically brothers for a few years now. I talk to the other commits through Snapchat all the time.

4. What have you been working on since your season ended?

I’ve been working on my strength, foot speed and agility every day.

5. What would you need to get better at to play early?

I need to have better foot speed, stay low consistently all the way through the plays, and improved hand placement.

6. What are your goals for your first season?

Well, since I won’t be playing this upcoming season, I want to get better at all the things I mentioned before, so that when next year rolls around I can be an even better player and compete for a spot.

7. Tell me something people think is unique about you?

I play drums, all types of percussion really, but specifically the kit. And I produce music with my brother.

8. What school finished second in your recruitment?

The school that finished second in my recruitment would either be Northwest Missouri State or Western Illinois University.

9. What assistant are you the closest with?

I’m probably closest with Coach (Charlie) Dickey, but I have a pretty solid relationship with most of the coaches up there.

10. What advice would you give to other recruits after going through the process?

The best advice I could give to recruits is to be patient. It can get pretty nerve-racking seeing all the top recruits getting these early offers on Twitter and ESPN when you don’t have any. But the timeline for recruiting is a very long road so just keep grinding and your time will come. This is the same advice Coach P (Jeremie Picard) at my high school gave me, and it helped me out a lot.