GoPowercat Podcast 02/27/13

The GoPowercat Podcast's 27th episode of the second season is ready for K-State fans to download or listen to online.
It's an epic three-part edition of the GPC Podcast this week, so grab a refreshment, some snacks, and possibly a pillow before settling in to three hours of ranting madness.
Kicking things off, Fitz, Wally, and Brett discuss how Bruce Weber's bunch continues to steam roll the competition, offering predictions of what's to come in both the Big 12 and NCAA Tournaments.
In Part II, the guys return to vent some steam on the most heated topic of the new year: Big 12 officials. Hear comments from ESPN as well as each individual's take on what went down in Ames on Monday night. It's a segment that promises to be a real crowd pleaser... unless you're a Jayhawk fan.
Finally, there's the Vodka Round where our hosts discuss everything from Pink, to the Oscars, to what got Fitz put in handcuffs in high school.
Trust us, nothing is off limits in yet another wild ride that we like to call the GoPowercat Podcast.
Season 2 : Episode 27
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