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GoPowercat Podcast 03/27/13

The GoPowercat Podcast's 31st episode of the second season is ready for K-State fans to download or listen to online.
Well folks, though baseball remains in play for the K-State Wildcats, the major sports season for the GoPowercat team is winding down and that means the Podcast season is officially done...
Ok, maybe not quite.
Bruce Weber's basketball squad may have left the NCAA Tournament early, but the trio of Fitz, Wally, and Brett aren't about to let their thoughts and opinions on the finale and season go unheard.
That's why in this edition of the GPC Podcast, you'll hear the group's final take on the 2012-13 basketball campaign, before a little spring football talk, and the return of the Vodka Round filled with questions about just how our hosts plan to utilize the looming free-time ahead.
Trust us, nothing is off limits in yet another wild ride that we like to call the GoPowercat Podcast.
Season 2 : Episode 31
The GoPowercat Podcast is now available on iTunes by searching for "GoPowercat"
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