GoPowercat Podcast 3/18/14

Season 3 of the GoPowercat Podcast is back in style thanks to the help from our new sponsor, Fridge Wholesale Liquor!
March Madness has finally arrived and it's time to breakdown brackets! 
Before our crew pumps gas into their vehicles bound for St. Louis, Fitz, Wally, and Brett all sit down to take a look at the slate ahead for Kansas State and what the chances are in the Show-Me State.
Then, in a special two-part segment, the GoPowercat team reveals their universal bracket for the tournament. The champion may not surprise you, but a #15 over a #2 may drop a jaw or two.
Season 3 : Episode 29 - FULL EPISODE
(Begins at - Ends at)
Episode 29: PART I - The field in St. Louis & previewing how the Big 12 might fare overall
(00:00 - 42:30)
Episode 29: PART II - The GPC Bracket (South & East regions)
(42:31 - 1:16:19)
Episode 29: PART III - The GPC Bracket (West & Midwest regions) & Final Four reveal
(1:16:20 - 1:59:16)
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