GoPowercat Podcast 4/11/14

Season 3 of the GoPowercat Podcast is back in style thanks to the help from our new sponsor, Fridge Wholesale Liquor!
After a week away, the crew is back and football is once again in the air.
Parts I & II take you through the offense and defense of Bill Snyder's 2014 squad, detailing what we know after week one.
In Part III, it's on to recruiting, basketball, and the subject of paying collegiate athletes, a topic that always sparks debate.
Finally, Part IV gives us another After Hours, complete with a trip to the Kansas City Zoo... well, kind of.
Season 3 : Episode 31 - FULL EPISODE
(Begins at - Ends at)
Episode 31: PART I - Spring football (primarily offense)
(00:00 - 48:13)
Episode 31: PART II - Spring football (primarily defense)
(48:14 - 1:19:21)
Episode 31: PART III - Football recruiting, basketball, paying college athletes
(1:19:22 - 2:04:20)
Episode 31: PART IV - After Hours
(2:04:21 - 3:03:34)
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