GoPowercat QA: Carson Coffman

Kansas State junior Carson Coffman picked up a win in his first game as a starting quarterback, but didn't exactly look stellar doing it. The K-State signal-caller completed just 14 of his 27 passes for 182 yards and turned the ball over twice in the process. Following the contest, the leader of the Wildcats' offense was visibly distraught, and it seems time did little to heal his wounds, as Coffman's view on his debut of a starter had not changed when he sat down with on Tuesday for a conversation about his performance and a host of other topics.
Following Saturday's game, you told me you were embarrassed by your performance. Having watched the film, do you still feel the same way?
I still don't feel too pleased. There were some plays that I know I can make that I didn't make on Saturday night. I don't know why that was. The ones that were killing me were the two opportunities I had to hit (tight end Jeron Mastrud) over the middle on seams. I just short-armed the throws. The last one was kind of a tough throw, but I know I can make it. Those are the kind of throws I need to make if we are going to win. I don't know why I didn't make them.
Was it just nerves?
I really don't know what it was. I just think I was trying to aim it too much. I just need to get out there and wing it around. I guess it could have been nerves. I really don't know.
Having looked at the film, were you better or worse than you thought when you first came off the field?
I still feel the same about it. I know there were a lot of points left out on that field. I know we could have done a lot better. I'm still very disappointed. We have to put that one behind us, though, because we have a big game this week.
Coach Snyder has had every opportunity in the world to squash all talk about a quarterback controversy but has chose not to do so. Does having Grant Gregory looking over your shoulder at all times add to your stress and nerves?
No, not really. I still feel pretty comfortable in the position I'm in right now. I mean, I just have to keep working hard in practice. I know it will all come down to my performance on gameday. That has to step up a little.
What do you think needs to improve the most?
Just game management and getting us in the right plays. I just need to take control of the game more.
Have you spoken to (former K-State quarterback) Josh (Freeman) lately?
Yeah, he talked to me after the game. I told him that my calves cramped up and he thought that was kind of funny. He had fun giving me a hard time about that. He was congratulatory, though. He was just excited that I got my first win.
I know you guys are pretty close. Did he tell you about anything that is going on with him?
Yeah, Luke McCown got traded so he was pretty excited about that. That lets him move to No. 2 on the depth chart. They play Dallas this week in Tampa.
How's he like Tampa?
He likes it a lot. His little brother actually went down there with him. He's going to South Florida. I went down there and visited this summer. It was a pretty good time.
Speaking of brothers, your older brother Chase was one of the stars of the Hard Knocks season premiere on HBO. Did you watch that?
I haven't seen it yet, but I definitely heard all about it. I just heard they had a segment with my brother doing a ton of pushups for messing up. People called me and laughed about it, I guess they all think it's pretty funny. He likes it up there in Cincinnati, though. He's No. 2 on the depth chart right now. He should get a pretty good amount of playing time in this first game.
Well, there's Chase, but then you have the younger brother who is being recruited right now. What's new with Cameron?
He has an offer from K-State and just this week, he got an offer from Nebraska. He's pretty excited about that.
Are you in his ear about K-State or are you trying to distance yourself?
I think I'm going to stay out of it. I mean, it's his decision. I don't want to pressure him one way or another. That's kind of the way my dad was with Chase and I. He just let us decide things for ourselves. I think wherever Cameron picks will be the right school for him.
I know you haven't had time to watch a lot of film on Louisiana just yet. What do you know about them as a team?
Well, just the area, I know it's going to be pretty hot. We've been practicing in the indoor facility with the heat cranked way up. We're trying to get ready for that environment. Then, as a team, their defensive line runs a lot of stunts. I have seen a little bit of film on them. They play a lot of Cover-3. I think we're ready for them.
How are the guys handling practicing in the indoor with the heat turned up?
When we walked in there yesterday, it was like a sauna. We all started sweating immediately. I don't know anybody who is happy about it right now.
Did the coaches tell you guys about this ahead of time or was it an unpleasant surprise?
I didn't know until about 30 minutes before. I think it will be good for us. You don't always like what's good for you, but I think it will help us this weekend.