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GoPowercat QA: Ian Campbell

Ian Campbell is one of Kansas State's most known and popular players. K-State fans are certainly familiar with his intensity, drive and overwhelming athleticism. However, the 6-foot-5, 242-pound junior has life outside of Bill Snyder Family Stadium that includes a wide variety of activities the linebacker's fans may not be so well versed in. GoPowercat.com caught up with Campbell on Monday to chat about his life, both on and off of the playing field.
How is the position change from defensive end to outside linebacker in the 3-4 working out for you?
It's working out pretty good. It can hide me, and give me a chance to really help against the run too sometimes, but also, we can have three or four or five guys rushing the quarterback.
What's the biggest advantage of the 3-4 for you?
Playing against different offenses allows me to do different things. I can still play defensive end if we run into a type of offense that really tries to spread us out.
Whether you're playing end or linebacker, you're a fan favorite here in Manhattan. Why do fans like you so much?
I've been told that people don't talk about my sacks. They talk about the big motor I have. I never slow down, and I'm always running around. That's just how I've always played. If fans like that, then they'll keep liking me, because I'm never going to stop running around out there.
Have you already been thinking about having NFL fans cheering you one day?
As a football player, if you don't think about the next level, you're lacking confidence. I like to think that NFL fans will be cheering for me one day.
Any team's fans in particular? Who's your favorite team?
I like the Chiefs. They're my favorite team. I have some other teams I like to watch. I like to watch the Chargers and Pittsburgh, because they run our defense. The Cowboys run our defense as well. I also like to watch the Bears.
What players do you watch the most?
I like to watch Brian Urlacher play. Jared Allen is one of my favorite players. I like how he plays. He is a good player. He's non-stop. I think he had an awesome game this Sunday (against Minnesota). It was his first game back at Arrowhead, too. That made it fun.
Outside of football, is there anything else you are really good at?
I'm pretty good at a lot of things that I do. I have never sat down at something and been bad at it. I played all sports in high school. I used to ride motorcycles, but I've stopped doing that now, because I don't want to fall off. I used to be a good pool player. I go hunting and I don't miss a lot.
It seems like you enjoy a lot of activities. What do you enjoy doing most?
I like just hanging out. I like to cook. I like to eat good food. When I go home I'll fry up some chicken in my fryer or make some homemade french fries. I like to cook steaks. I just made some ribs on Friday night, because we had the day off.
Is Ian Campbell the next Food Network star?
I don't know man. I'll have to play in the NFL before I can have a cooking show. I just like to cook, because I like to eat good food.
You've been here for a while now. What has been your favorite part about Manhattan?
I like Manhattan because it's where my friends are. I like to be where they are. I like hanging out with my friends and telling stories about the night before. I like bringing up old stories. We have a good time together. I like hanging out with my girlfriend and all her friends over at her house too. I also like to go camping at the lake.
What's your least favorite?
Well, class. That obviously isn't my favorite part of school.
Which college football team did you cheer for growing up? Has it always been K-State?
I cheered for K-State. My brother played at the University of Wyoming. I watched Notre Dame growing up. Every kid sees the movie Rudy, so then you have to cheer for Notre Dame.
Being a Notre Dame fan isn't easy right now is it?
I don't cheer for them anymore. I'm on the only team that I like right now. They can't lose every game obviously, but it wouldn't bother me if they did.