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Rapid Recap: Nowell thrilled with new staff


A Zoom media session was arranged last week with Kansas State returnees Markquis Nowell and Ismael Massoud. And the Wildcats' point guard did not hold back his excitement about the new staff and how impressed he has been by them.

The descriptions continuously used about their ability and the mark that they have left thus far were hard-working, diligent and a group of masterminds. They certainly have convinced Nowell and Massoud of their basketball chops and knowledge.

Specifically, he referred to Ulric Maligi and Jareem Dowling as the top recruiters on the staff and revealed that they call Kevin Sutton "Mr. Miyagi" because of how great of a trainer he is and how he his a mastermind behind the operation.

Each assistant and staffer brings value in their own way and all a part of the puzzle that will make the machine work in Manhattan.


Nowell also answered questions regarding the signees and singled out Nae'qwan Tomlin specifically as the one he was excited about playing with the most, and a bulk of that stemmed from the connection they shared by both being from New York.

Tomlin is also a passionate player that loves the game and that has a similar background as Nowell and the two can't wait to be on the court with one another.

Jerrell Colbert and Cam Carter were also mentioned by Nowell, and more for their hungriness and desire to just come in, work and get better as soon as possible. They're ready to show up, leave their egos aside and prove themselves on the court after last season.

Jerome Tang
Jerome Tang (Kansas State Athletics)


He saved the strongest compliments for his head coach, Jerome Tang. Nowell is no dummy, but it is clear that the new boss at K-State has already made a profound impact on his point guard.

Tang has preached consistency, being themselves, winning every drill and winning every day and they are soaking it all up and buying into every last word he says. They trust that his processes will bring promising results and the achievements that they want.

Not only that, the image he has portrayed in public settings seems to be exactly the person he is behind the scenes as well. Tang is all about winning. Even when breaking the huddle, he bellows 3-2-1 instead of 1-2-3 because he wants to finish first in everything.