KStateOnline - Romero granted transfer release from K-State
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Romero granted transfer release from K-State

K-State Athletics Director John Currie announced Tuesday that women's basketball student-athlete Leticia Romero has been granted a release as a result of a newly modified institutional policy. The K-State Athletics Board of Directors approved a recommendation by Currie to retroactively apply the amended policy, which will permit Romero to transfer and be eligible for athletics aid at any institution under NCAA Bylaw, with the exception of Big 12 institutions.
In a letter to President Kirk Schulz, Currie recommended an addition to the university transfer release appeals procedure to provide more flexibility to the Athletics Director to release a student-athlete if new information or circumstances warrant. The KSA Board of Directors met earlier this morning and adopted this recommendation along with updated language to the athletics department's transfer release policy to better reflect the practice of the department in recent years (see below).
"We appreciate the support of K-State fans during this time and wish Leticia all the best in her future pursuits," said Currie.
A student-athlete who seeks a transfer from Kansas State University to another institution for the purpose of continuing athletic participation at that institution must receive a release from the Director of Athletics prior to any contact with athletics representatives of other institutions (NCAA Bylaw A student-athlete may seek a release by submitting a written request to the Athletic Compliance Office. This request will be reviewed by the Head Coach and Sport Administrator of the student-athlete's sport.
The student-athlete's grade point average as it relates to APR, undue burden or personal/family hardship on the student-athlete, conduct and honest communication by the student-athlete, the best interests of the student-athlete and the institution, and indications of tampering or undue influence regarding the student-athlete shall be the factors considered in the decision as to whether to provide a release for the purposes of a transfer or the provision of the one-time transfer exception (NCAA Bylaw
If a student-athlete's request for transfer is denied, the student will be notified in writing of his/her right to appeal (NCAA Bylaw and the steps necessary to request the hearing. The hearing will take place in front of an Appeals Committee to be assembled by the Vice President of Student Life and comprised of individuals from the institution's main campus and outside of athletics.