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Part of what we want to do here at K-StateOnline is provide quality, free content to those who take the time to visit our site. For example, all of our podcasts and videos are free for all Wildcat fans. That won't change, as we enjoy getting an opportunity to connect with the Kansas State fanbase.

Without needing to sign up or enter any code, you'll find tons of free multimedia content on this site. In just one month we've produced 17 podcasts (The KSO Show) and 20 pieces of video.

We'd be dishonest, however, if we didn't admit this was a business for us - and we'd love to add you as a subscriber. For us to earn the right to do this, it's on us to provide enough unique content that makes a subscription worth your time and money.

We believe we're doing that, and we'd appreciate it if you'd give us a moment to explain what we offer at KSO.

Managing Editor Jeffrey Martin has a number of series worth following each week. The first is Inside the Huddle - a piece that is posted every Monday - a nothing-off-limits interview with a former five-year member of the K-State football program. If you could ask a K-State player anything, and get a REAL answer, what would you ask? This story takes that perspective.

Jeff returns with two huge pieces on Thursday, one of his THREE weekly columns - The Zone Read - and a series called The Wise Guy. The Zone Read is a breezy look back at the week that was in the Big 12 and K-State sports, and also always includes an exclusive interview. This week's one-on-one was with Bruce Weber, where they talked everything from K-State's starting five to the Golden State Warriors' impact on college basketball. The Wise Guy is a rare piece of insight from a source who makes his living betting on college sports (and has K-State ties) - it's a perspective you literally won't find anywhere else.

You can also expect THE POSTGAME from Jeff, a post-game column with a Zone Read feel, plus another column running Monday or Sunday night and contributions to virtually everything you see and don’t see on this site.

Recruiting analyst Derek Young provides his recruiting notebook every Friday (called The Waffle House - Derek's ALWAYS working) that recaps what's going on in the Wildcat recruiting world. And that's just the tip of the iceberg for Derek.

He will hit the road every week to see recruits in person - not just provide updates on his interviews with them throughout the week - and you'll want to see the trip he makes this Friday to bring you the best in K-State recruiting news.

Derek loads the site with recruiting coverage every singe week, producing weekly series like Pledge Pleas (K-State recruits tell us what they want), In Their Words (recruiting updates from the players' mouth), Recruits Respond (Wildcat commits and targets talk about the recruiting process), The Big Board (K-State's Top 10 targets) and much, much more.

Oh, and Derek's not just recruiting. He covers every game for K-StateOnline and brings you his K-State thoughts every Sunday in Derek's Dish.

Finally, senior writer Matt Hall does his best to cover K-State football and basketball from an in-depth perspective you haven't seen elsewhere. You'll see a full, detailed film review every Tuesday in Film Don't Lie as well as a complete breakdown of the Wildcats' next opponent (with insight from two former K-State starters) in Study Hall each Friday. Those two pieces will combine for roughly 5,000 words of film study and statistical analysis, with film provided within the content items themselves.

Outside of that, Matt publishes The Big Picture (a breakdown of K-State's top five goals) every Monday, I Got Five On It (five things learned from K-State's most recent game) every Sunday, Eyes Don't Lie (immediate analysis minutes after K-State's game Saturday) and a LIVE Game Story each Saturday.

Not enough? Every Tuesday the staff as a whole works together to recap the Tuesday press conference in Three Point ... OH!!! On Fridays, you'll get Three Bold Predictions (3BP), and you'll get the staff's picks on Saturday with Saturday Selections.

Want multimedia content? You'll get three podcasts a week (The KSO Show releases Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday) and unique video as well (like Matt Hall's '20 Questions' and postgame videos each week).

Our current weekly content plan calls for 33 pieces of content every week. Over the course of a month, you'll see roughly 120 releases. At 10 bucks a month, that's roughly eight cents a story. The rate drops to $8.33 a month if you do an annual subscription.

And that 33-piece number? That doesn't include the basketball coverage we’re set to unveil.

Finally, and most importantly, we live on the message boards. Jeff, Derek and Matt are virtually always present and answer every question they're asked. Ultimately, the staff is not the biggest selling point, however, or even close. It's the community members that make up the biggest reason to subscribe to this site, and what makes it worth experiencing if you haven't been part of it yet. We named our message board The Foundation, because you all are the foundation. It's simple.

We'd love for you to give us an opportunity to earn your business and to hopefully entertain you here at K-StateOnline.com.


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