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100 Questions: Looking to Big 12 Media Days

Kansas State quarterback Skylar Thompson will help represent the Wildcats in Dallas.
Kansas State quarterback Skylar Thompson will help represent the Wildcats in Dallas. (USA Today)

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In an attempt to pass the time this off-season we're fortunate to have secured the help of scottwildcat from Boscoe's Boys. Scott is going to provide 100 questions about the past, present, future (and who-knows-what) involving Kansas State sports, and I'll do my very best to answer them.

Let's dive in to the 100 Questions.

Question No. 77:  What are the storylines you're looking for during Big 12 media days?

ARLINGTON - We have arrived at Big 12 Media Days! Let's get Grant Flanders and Derek Young involved in this too, shall we? I'm going to share their general thoughts on the subject before finishing with mine.

Derek Young: Big 12 Quarterbacks

I think it's interesting you've only got two quarterbacks going to this event, as those guys are typically your leaders. I think it's a good example of how unproven and how up-in-the-air the position is throughout the league. To put a bit of a K-State spin on it, Skylar Thompson is one of the guys who is going to be there, and he's a good enough player - and there's enough uncertainty at the position in the league - for him to maybe be one of the better quarterbacks in the conference. '

Despite them not being there, though, I'd still anticipate Jalen Hurts and Brock Purdy to be in that conversation. I'm probably not as high on Hurts as some of you are (referencing the talk on the last KSO Show). I think he's a good quarterback, but I didn't think he was elite at Alabama. I don't think it's a slam dunk he's the best quarterback in the Big 12.

Grant Flanders: Four New Coaches

It's unique to see four new coaches come into a league in one year. It's a setting where I'm excited to find out and see what kind of people they are. I'm curious to hear if how the coaches speak matches up with the perception I had of them before, and if it's something that could even change my perception of a team this season after hearing them speak.

I already know a lot about Chris Klieman and what he brings to the table, obviously. I already know how confident and bullish he is about his team and program; I want to see how the rest of them think their teams are going to stack up in this league. It's a cool opportunity to get to compare all these new coaches in one setting. I want to see, specifically, how Les Miles comes off in front of a load of media members.

Matt Hall: How will Chris Klieman be received?

This plays a little bit off what Flando said above. While he's interested in forming his own opinions about the other new coaches in the league, I'll be interested to see how regional and national media receive Klieman in this type of setting.

I think it's fair to say he surprised Kansas State fans and media a little bit the first few times he got behind a microphone in Manhattan, and I kind of expect the same to happen when he speaks Tuesday in Texas.

I think Klieman is going to come off confident, calm and polished in this setting, and I think some people who hadn't heard him before are likely going to praise him a bit after experiencing him in person for the first time.

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