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100 Questions: Preferred non-conference opponents?

Ah, the good old days. Ell Roberson and Kansas State taking on Nebraska in a meaningful game. (Getty Images)

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In an attempt to pass the time this off-season we're fortunate to have secured the help of scottwildcat from Boscoe's Boys. Scott is going to provide 100 questions about the past, present, future (and who-knows-what) involving Kansas State sports, and I'll do my very best to answer them.

Let's dive in to the 100 Questions.

Question No. 76: Who are the top five schools you'd like to see K-State play in football (either in a non-con series or in a bowl game) before you die?


Notre Dame hasn't been the elite program I initially understood it to be when my college football fandom started in the early 1990s, but that hasn't stopped me from always wanting to see the Wildcats and Fighting Irish on the same field. Of course, it nearly happened in the most exciting manner imaginable: A national championship match-up in 2012. Still, there are few venues I'd personally rather see K-State play in for the first time than at Notre Dame.


There will be a lot of nostalgia in my answers. Florida State was THE program back in those early 90s', as the Charlie Ward-led national championship winning Seminoles was one of my favorite early non-K-State teams. When you think back over all that was accomplished in the Bill Snyder era, it included tons of match-ups against great programs: Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, USC, Tennessee, Oregon, Michigan, BYU, Washington, UCLA, Miami, Syracuse, Ohio State, etc. I may even be more excited to see FSU added to that list than Notre Dame.


Snyder was always so close to Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno, I think it's somewhat natural the two programs those two built to prominence are both on this list. Penn State was a notch below Florida State, for me at least, but those mid 1990s teams featuring Kerry Collins and company got me paying attention immediately and recognizing this as one of the top programs in the country. I wouldn't have guessed all these years later K-State still would have never run into Penn State, but I'd love to see it.


I know, I know. They left. They hurt the Big 12. All that stuff, I know. Well, the Big 12 has survived and is doing fine; I just want to watch Kansas State and Nebraska play football again.


Yes, Alabama has an extremely rich history and is the best program in the country, but the Crimson Tide weren't on the level of the Fighting Irish, Seminoles or Nittany Lions in young Matt Hall's eyes back in the day, making this a bit less of a dream match-up. Playing 'Bama, though, either means you were crazy successful during the regular season or you are an elite enough program to play them in a non-conference Power Five neutral-site battle. Either sounds great for K-State.

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